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EPS (Expanded Polystyrene)

Modeled by cutting a large block of Styrene Foam with a heated wire or knife. There are various finishing methods, so we will propose a method based on the customer's request.


FRP (Fiber Reinforced Plastics)

FRP is a very strong plastic molded product. This manufacturing method is suitable for outdoor exhibitions and long-term exhibitions.


Urethane Resin Coating

We apply a two-component urethane resin to the product with a special machine.This is a coating method that cures instantly. Suitable for long-term indoor exhibitions and short-term outdoor exhibitions.


Painting / Coloring

There are coating methods suitable for applications such as water-based coating, lacquer coating, and urethane coating. Please see the details for various coloring techniques.


3D Printer / 3D Scanner

3D Printing and Scanning enables precise and accurate modeling that is difficult for human hands.


Aging/Weathering Process

Aging/Weathering is a technique that makes new things look like they have passed many years.


Plating-like Painting

Cheaper than the actual plating process, plating-like processing is possible even for large objects.

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