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Fiber Reinforced Plastics

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Prototype Production

The first step is to manufacture prototypes out of styrene, clay, etc.


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Create the Mold

Next, we make a mold from the original shape. Although it is a plaster type in the photo, there are various specifications such as FRP type and silicon type depending on the shape and quantity.


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Finish the Mold

Remove the original shape so as not to break the concave shape mold. The mold directly affects the quality of the product, we finish it carefully.


04 /

Fiber Pasting

Here, we paste the fiber with polyester resin. Glass fiber is the main material.


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Remove from Mold

After the resin has hardened, we remove the product from the mold. Then base treatment such as polishing and putty are applied.


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Coating and Finishing

FRP products have excellent durability and are suitable materials for long-term outdoor exhibitions.

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