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Expanded Polystyrene

01 / 

Mockup Production & Verification

We will make a model that is smaller than the actual size. Based on the mockup, we will start full-scale production after verification with the customer.

(Mockups are manufactured when needed for meetings or verification)


02 /

Preliminary Shaping & Material Removal

Next, begins full scale shaping. We draw a front view and a side view on a large styrene block, and cut out the outline with heated wire.


03 /


Further shaping of the design by utilizing heated wire or knives.


04 /

Refining Work and Prototype Completion

Depending on the finish, refining work is performed to complete the prototype.


05 /

From Base Treatment to Coating

We then fill the holes particular to styrene with putty and finish the base. After that, we will move on to the work of water-based coating and urethane coating.

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